Sustainability report

In an age in which it is increasingly important to communicate well what we do; the social balance represents a unique opportunity for Città Studi to document in a few pages the multiple areas in which it plays its role of support to the territory that hosts and supports it.

2020 has been a particularly difficult year and now we can say that it will be considered in the future as a watershed, between what was there before and the world that will strenuously emerge from the pandemic.

As any economic organization, Città Studi will also have to contend with the changes imposed by the new reality: innovation will have to become a daily engine of development. New markets have opened up and traditional markets need to be deeply rethought.

Città Studi proposes to seize the opportunities that the crisis – which every crisis – brings with it: the numbers contained in this document are only a starting point to set out what we must already begin to develop today.

Our fundamental characteristic is now a factor of privilege: the fact that Città Studi deals mainly with young people, that works with young people and businesses, means that it can create and stimulate research and innovation more easily than other realities, and therefore development and growth.

Città Studi is still an important element of the Biella educational and industrial system and wants to continue to grow in its role, opening up as much as possible to collaborations with other institutions and realities, both local and European, with the aim of contributing to the well-being of the area that gave birth to it.

We have reported, within the 2020 Sustainability Report , qualitative pieces of information and data related to the performance and socio-economic impacts that the educational center creates for the territory and its stakeholders.

In 2020 the total contribution to the city of Biella was just under 6.5 million euros.

This is a very good result because it has been produced despite the reduction of activities due to the pandemic. In the most difficult year, Città Studi has therefore managed to maintain an important economic flow for the benefit of its territory, a sign of a renewed ability of translating ideas into actions, with widespread and permanent advantages.

We are developing collaboration with universities; we are enlarging the network of companies which address to the society for services and proposals; we are consolidating the European network of textile clusters to facilitate the exchange and circulation of innovative and winning ideas. All this in order to pursue the goal of being a reference point increasingly present in the social and economic fabric of Biella.

The last thought, once again, is addressed to the Support Institutions of Città Studi, to the employees, collaborators, advisers, the supervisory authorities and to all the partners who work and grow with us every day.


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