Loan of books and DVDs

All the materials of the library are available for loan except the thesis and the volumes of particular value.
The loan is allowed for a maximum of 3 books and 3 DVDs for 15 days and is renewable for a further 15 days, unless requests of the same document by other users.
The suspension of the loan is applied for 15 days, in case of delays in delivery.
Magazine lending is allowed for 3 issues (excluding the last issue) for 15 days.

To choose the book you can search from home the title of interest in the catalog or using the app Biblio BI and request it if available or book it if on loan to others.
Requests and reservations can be made: by email, phone and web (those who are subscribed to the service can access the portal with their credentials – the user id is the Tax identification number – and if he lost them he can request the reset via web or telephone).


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